15 Aug 2009


T2 Sub Station Pier 1 starts demolition
Sat 15th August 2009

2 Years on from old T2 Demolition to the new T2 building

NEW T2 JUNE 2011


  1. So the old sub station is going,I expect like me you all have mixed thoughts about it.On the one hand,the last bit of the old fire service property is gone.On the other hand all those times incarcerated with the fumes the lousy water and the noise.But some happy times were had.Some huge rice puddings made from ingrediants cadged from various catering establishments,usually made by Jack Parsley.Knutty wol doing his nut when someone parked his truck in front of the station.etc.
    Tony Hoyte

  2. I remember one Christmas we spent at the Old Sub-Station when Stn/O Barfield said we were not to bring beer on the station over Xmas, each person was allowed 1 can only. He came over to the Sub-Station Christmas morning and nearly had a fit, we had all brought in one can each, it was a "Party 7"
    Goes to show you can't the lads they win every time.
    John Howard